Our horses…

Clever – 10 year old Thoroughbred

Clever came to us after a long racing career, and while he obviously had been well looked after, he seemed in need of a good break and the love of one owner. Over a period of 8 weeks, Clever was brought back to life and is now my beloved riding horse. Clever maintains his healthy coat and muscular frame with the help of the Parbery Performance Pellet.

clever before

Clever: On arrival

clever after

Clever: Now, my beautiful riding horse

Ben (Clever’s paddock mate) – 11 year old Standardbred

Ben, previously a trotting horse, was our rescue case. He came to us in poor health, but after 6 weeks of tender loving care (plus a solid feeding program based on Head To Hoof) he was a different (and very cheeky) horse.

ben before

Ben: Prior to arrival

ben after

Ben: After 6 weeks

Trip – 4 year old Thoroughbred

Trip was a young Thoroughbred who was on a long spell due to a tendon injury. He came to us in poor condition, but as he was only young and still developing he responded extremely quickly to a good quality feeding program based on Head to Hoof. Trip resumed his racing career but ended up in the loving care of a new owner where he continues to live out his retirement.

trip before

Trip: On arrival

trip after

Trip: After 4 weeks

Our clients horses…

Judstan Peridot "Precious" - 16 year old Arabian

"Since having Precious on Head to Hoof I have noticed a difference in his condition and performance.  He was overweight and had a dull coat before I put him onto the supplement.  Not long after putting him onto Head to Hoof I noticed a significant difference in his weight and coat.  He began to gain more muscle and his coat was looking more and more healthy.  It's a great supplement which ensures your horse gets the correct vitamins and minerals in their diet.  I would highly recommend Head to Hoof to anyone who has horses who gain weight easily" - Kayla Willson