Racing-Eq 15 kg

Racing-Eq 15 kg


A high performance formulation specifically designed for racehorses

RACING-Eq is a premium "all-in-one" supplement specifically designed for racehorses 

  • Scientific blend of over 25 minerals and vitamins for OPTIMAL HEALTH, PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY
  • Concentrated levels of biotin for improved HOOF CONDITION
  • Added amino acids lysine and methionine for improved MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT and RECOVERY
  • Fortified with high levels of B Complex Vitamins which play a role in the release of ENERGY
  • Special gut health additives include a dietary enzyme blend designed to improve the FEEDING EFFICIENCY of cereal grains and reduce the risk of hindgut starch fermentation and hindgut acidosis and Levucell SC (Lallemand Animal Nutrition), a natural live yeast shown to improve feed utilisation, REDUCE the risk of ACIDOSIS, and improve blood profiles.
  • Simply offer 1 cup daily with chaff and add concentrates/hay according to horse workload and body condition

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