Nourish 7.5kg

Nourish 7.5kg


A carefully formulated pellet fortified with bone strengthening minerals and vitamins to promote optimal health in growing, breeding and performance horses


NOURISH is a scientifically formulated all-in-one pellet for all phases of growth and performance.

  • High levels of BONE STRENGTHENING minerals calcium and phosphorus
  • Scientific blend of additional minerals, trace minerals (including organic trace minerals) and vitamins forBONE, CARTILAGE and HOOF FORMATION
  • Concentrated levels of biotin for improved HOOF CONDITION
  • Added amino acids lysine and methionine to assist in GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT
  • Fortified with high levels of B Complex Vitamins which play a role in the release of ENERGY
  • Special gut health additives including Mannan Oligosaccharides for improved IMMUNITY and GASTROINTESTINALHEALTH and Levucell SC (Lallemand Animal Nutrition), a natural live yeast shown to improve FEED UTILISATION and reduce the risk of acidosis.
  • Suitable for grain-intolerant horses, and those prone to laminitis
  • Simply offer 1 cup daily with chaff and add concentrates/hay according to horse workload, body condition and pasture availability