Equine Shine 20L

Equine Shine 20L


A coat conditioning, premium oil blend for horses

Why feed oil? There are several reasons why horse owners might add oil to their horse’s rations. These include:

  • Improvement of body condition and coat;
  • Increasing the energy component of the diet without increasing bulk; and
  •  Decreasing the heat produced from the digestion of grains.

The performance related benefits include lower lactic acid accumulation in muscles and blood by sparing glycogen use, reduced severity of tying up, reduced muscle damage and calmer behaviour of horses on typically high grain diets.

Are all oils the same? Each oil or fat has a blend of different fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) in its triglyceride content and a correct ratio of these is essential. Oils that contain higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids are considered to provide natural anti-inflammatory compounds and hormone action to improve the function and strength of blood vessels and body cells. Too much Omega-3 relative to Omega-6 can however imbalance the action of other fatty acids. Omega-6 can have a great coat conditioning effect, but in excess levels relative to Omega-3 can interfere with cell metabolism.

Getting the balance right: Equine Shine is a palatable blend of oils in a specific ratio that is known to be beneficial for horses. Equine Shine also has a hint of garlic oil flavouring for improved palatability.

EQUINE SHINE provides a “cool” and “safe” energy source for all horses.