The key to a successful feeding program is the provision of adequate levels of essential nutrients which not only need to be supplied at recommended levels, but also ideally in an appropriate ratio. These essential nutrients include the major minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium, sulfur), trace minerals (including copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, cobalt, selenium) and Vitamins including Vitamins A, D, E and B Complex. Other actives play important roles in the health of the horse including Biotin for hoof condition, as well as gut and joint health actives.

Many horse owners use commercially prepared mixed or pelleted/extruded feeds as the primary source of these essential nutrients. Each of the commercially prepared feeds have essential nutrients added based on recommended feeding rates. While this can be a convenient method of feeding, it can be an issue if your horse is not receiving the prescribed feeding rate (perhaps you need to reduce the feeding rate due to body condition, or reduced workload). In a survey of feeding methods of over 300 horse owners (conducted by C. Foote), more than 80% of rations were low in at least one nutrient. Over 60% of horses in this study were being offered commercially prepared feeds as part of their feeding program.

Having evaluated thousands of rations for horses, it became evident that a better (and easier) method of feeding was required in order to assist in preventing these nutrient deficiencies and promote optimal health and condition of horses. Hence the development of our range of "all-in-one" balancer pellets. ECS Balancers are high quality, “all-in-one” style supplements carefully formulated to suit the different nutrient needs of resting, lightly worked, exercising and growing/breeding horses. Each balancer is designed to be offered at no more than 1 – 2 cups daily with chaff and hay according to pasture availability. Additional feeds (either raw grains/grain-free options/protein meals/commercially prepared feeds) can then be added according to the horse’s body condition and workload.

This style of feeding is designed to give you the peace of mind knowing your horse is receiving essential nutrients for optimal health and performance and also allows for greater control over the body condition and energy levels of your horse.

The ECS Balancer range includes our existing product Head To Hoof, which is designed for mostly resting and lightly worked horses. Our new formulations include Sport & Support, designed for athletic horses, Power & Performance, a protein boosted supplement for show and performance horses and Nourish specially formulated for growing and breeding horses.

All our formulations are manufactured in a GMP approved mill and contain no grain based meals so are suitable for horses unable to tolerate grains (including horses prone to laminitis and tying up).

Please refer to our product page for further information.