Julie Farrell, Mulawa Arabians & Mulawa Performance

I first met Caroline about 15 years ago, around the same time of which we purchased a property in the Hunter Valley intended for our Arabian broodmares. Arabians carry weight more easily than the majority of other breeds, and when we looked at feeds for our horses, we came across a problem where we found that the amount recommended on commercial feed bags to give the mares the recommended balanced diet would make our mares too fat.

To counter this, Caroline suggested a pasture analysis so we could evaluate the quality and content of the pasture, from which a pellet could be developed that would give the breeding mares the optimum vitamin and mineral balance they required.

At the main farm, we faced another issue, where our feed room was an absolute shemozzle - we had far too many different supplements… many of which doubled up on each other!

I asked Caroline to simplify our feeding regime as making up our daily feeds was a nightmare. As a solution, Caroline developed an “All in One” pellet for us. We still use both these specialized pellets today.

Now, each performance horse has their diet specially formulated and balanced by Caroline: an individually designed feed plan based on environment, access to pasture and level of work.

Our Arabian and dressage horses are always being complimented on their coats, while good grooms certainly help, their well-being starts from the inside. At Mulawa, we highly recommend having a diet created that is best suited to each individual horse for optimal health and performance and would not hesitate to recommend Caroline and her team at Equine Consulting Services.



Brett Parbery, Parbery Performance Horses

I’m Brett Parbery from Parbery Performance Horses and we have our training stable based in the Southern Highlands locality of Penrose NSW. I have been operating a professional dressage training and coaching business for the past 20 years and with my wife Mel for the past 15 years. Our highlights include four Australian Grand Prix Championships, over 35 individual Australian Championships, a member of two Australian Dressage teams and a ninth in the World finish at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010.

At Parbery Performance horses we believe in the importance of a balanced diet for all horses in our team. We have enjoyed having the expertise of Caroline and Jordan from Equine Consulting Services in helping us to set up our feeding regime which absolutely compliments our work schedule and our overall horse management philosophy.

Our goals moving forward are to assemble a top class line up of horses, together with a group of trusted owners and supporters, to continue on the path of Australian representation at major world events. We will continue to work hard to bring Australia closer to the podium and all those who wish to come with us.



McKinnonRobbie and Dave McKinnon, McKinnon Sport Horses

The Nourish Nutrition Service was a great way for us to gain some added assistance in our performance horse management.  We wanted to simplify our feeding programs but we also wanted to make sure we continued to use feeds from our preferred feed supplier. Caroline was able to assist us in meeting both those goals.

Click here for the link to the Nourish Nutrition Service


Parbery Performance horses Mel and Good As GoldMel Parbery, Parbery Performance Horses

EA Level 1 Coach, FEI dressage competitor  

Years of travelling around the countryside to Pony Club and Agricultural shows, enjoying a variety of disciplines including eventing, showjumping, dressage the ponies turned into horses and I ventured down the dressage path.

Managing a variety of high level dressage horses for Brett as well as my own team of horses, I am lucky to enjoy the daily journey of training the horses that come to our stables. They each have their own characters and it is nice to be able to treat them all as individuals in a setting where we can provide them with a lifestyle of access to paddocks and downtime while still being elite athletes.

"Managing a stable of performance horses of all shapes, sizes and temperaments it is great to know we have Caroline and her knowledge to make sure we have the best information on the nutrition needs of all our clients and our own horses.  To be able to feed the Nourish-EQ pellet and know our horses are getting all vitamins and minerals needed in a palatable form that isn't wasted or filled with unnecessary ingredients is another plus in maintaining our horses health and performance." 



Tayla Greve

I’m currently a 2nd year veterinary student at James Cook University and I’ve ridden horses since the age of 4 years old. For the past 15 years I have  competed in various breeds shows, royal shows, horse of the years & state shows. More recently I have had a growing passion for competing in the dressage arena and at Australian Stock Horse challenges. My horse is Jalgumbun Pianoman known as Gus around the stables. He is a 6yo Australian Stock horse that’ll compete in pony dressage, ASH challenge shows and campdrafting in the future. Gus is only green so can’t wait for the future with him! I also ride the beautiful Buckwell Park Countdown (Baci). He is know retired from competing but still loves short rides and matchy photoshoots.

My team of horses have been feed Nourish EQ for multiple years now and I absolutely love the results. All there coats gleam and the feel amazing. As a vet student I have a good understanding of nutrition and I wouldn’t feed my horses anything else! I’m super excited to be apart of the team!



Claudia GreveClaudia Greve

My Name is Claudia Greve and I have been extremely lucky and proud to be apart of the Equine Consulting Team over the past few years. I started at as an ECS customer when searching for a complete supplement to ensure my horses were receiving the best nutritional support possible and fell in love with Dr Caroline’s balancer pellets! As a Veterinary Science Student, I always want to ensure my horses are receiving all the core vitamin and minerals and all their other essential requirements are meet. Since transitioning my team of horses to the diet recommended up the ECS team as well as the Nourish EQ pellet my horses have never looked better! The differences I have seen have been incredible – increased topline and muscle mass, healthy skin and coat and shiny coats as well as improved performance! All these results were achieved on feeding the most economical diet I have ever feed before. Less is more when feeding horses and the ECS team focuses on feeding your horse the simplest and cost-effective feeding regime for the best results possible! I wouldn’t feed my team of horses anything else since I’ve experienced the incredible results of Nourish EQ!

My current team of horses consists of Aria and Twix. Aria is a 11-year-old Warmblood Pony that is a very successful dressage pony that is training elementary/medium level. Sadly due to the circumstances of this year we haven’t had the chance to compete but last year we had a very successful season where Aria was prepped on Nourish EQ and was awarded scores of up to 73% in novice level dressage as well as numerous young rider and pony dressage championships and we were also awarded Finalist Young Rider of Year at our Dressage Awards Night.

During the downtime of the COVID situation I’ve had the time to begin retraining my Warmblood Mare, Twix who has various vices undersaddle. With the goal of retraining Twix to become the most confident and calm version of herself I have taken an interest into horsemanship and I am currently growing my skill set in this area and having great success so far! My goals for Twix in 2021 are get her out and about competing in official dressage and Newcomer Show Hunter Hack classes. Also, to keep her mind active I will also be dabbling in some working equitation, Prix Caprilli, trick training, trail riding and everything else in between!

If you are looking to improve your horses’ diet, I’d definitely recommend contacting Dr Caroline Foote and Jordan Watson for all your Equine Nutrition needs!!


Natalie Ramsay

My Name is Natalie Ramsay and I have proudly sponsored by Equine Consulting Services for the last 12 months.

I started out as a consumer and fell in love with the Nourish-EQ pellets as soon as I started seeing dramatic results in my horse’s performance and condition. I come from a showing background where appearance is everything, spending years trailing different products I was unhappy with what was being offered on the current market in terms of results and cost. It has always been important to me that my horses not only look great but feel amazing too, in order to perform their best at National level. 

The difference I have seen since using Nourish-EQ is astounding – shiny coats, encouraged hair growth and strong hooves to name a few. Not only has my journey been about physically seeing results, I have learnt so much about horse nutrition from the Equine Consulting Services team. I was able to get a free property nutrition analysis on all our horses, included our agistment horses. Equine Consulting Services was able to provide an unbiased opinion towards all commercial feeds and they were also able to deliver great advice. Having this service made available to us has been critical to improving our horse’s health and performance. 

Given this year has been a tricky one for competing we did manage to take our Palomino Pinto - "Zintahn Masquerade" (Blondie) to the Australian Arabian National Championship prior to COVID where she was prepped on Nourish-EQ and a balanced diet recommend by Equine Consulting Services. She took out top 5 placings in her led, and performed beautifully in her ridden components against some of the best horses in the country with class numbers exceeding 30+ horses. 

This year we have really been focussing on bringing on our newest young horse "Zintahn Cosmopolitan", starting her under saddle and implementing a correct training schedule without the added pressure and timeframe of competing. With goals set in place for 2021 being her Newcomer year and debut to showing as an Open Galloway. 

Blondie is remaining in training and upgrading her education while we look forward to 2021 seeing her compete at The Arabian East Coast Championships, Canberra Royal and Sydney Royal. With plans to take on the Dressage arena competitively the following year. 

We will continue to support and share the word of Equine Consulting Services. We genuinely believe in the importance of equine nutrition and feel 100% supported by Dr Caroline Foote and Jordan Watson if we ever have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, we hope to see you and your ponies also enjoying your own Nourish-EQ Journey!